Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine

Heat Sealing Drip Coffee Bag with Envelope Packaging Machine

  • Particle content:≤ 2 ± 0.5g/bag (other specifications can be customized)
  • Packaging material requirements:inner bag: non-woven fabric, and other ultrasonic heat sealing materials; Outer bag: heat sealing composite film
  • Capacity:35-50envelope/minute(according the materials)
  • Coffee bag size:internal bag: 70 * 90 (180mm) external bag: 100 * 110mm(220mm)
  • Product description: Suitable for coffee, green tea, black tea, scented tea, Chinese tea, health tea, Chinese herbal tea, granules, etc. Can be filled with nitrogen. The nitrogen is filled with nitrogen from the net at th

Performance feature:
1.The bag-making system adopts the subdivision technology of stepping motor, with high bag-making accuracy and the error is less than 1mm;
2、Adopt temperature controller to make the sealing quality higher;
3、Microcomputer standby controller, you can set the bag length arbitrarily without replacing parts. And can be prefabricated count, show packing speed, bag length, etc。
4、Pneumatic bag, bag and machine, stable and reliable performance;
5、PLC/ touch screen programming control, so that the performance is more stable, simple operation;
6、All parts in contact with materials are stainless steel
Application:Tea, Chinese medicine, coffee and other drinks
Packaging Materials: Inner bag:Heat seal non - woven fabric
Outer bag:Composite film material

Pls check the video of how to make coffee drip bag : heat sealing drip coffee bag packaging machine:

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