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  • Vacuum Tea Packing Machine
  • Vacuum Tea Packing Machine
Vacuum Tea Packing MachineVacuum Tea Packing Machine

Vacuum Tea Packing Machine

  • Bag size: (W)50-58(mm); (L) 105-130(mm)
  • Capacity: 8bag/min
  • Filling range: 2-15 g
  • Power:220V/ 50HZ/ 1.8KW
  • Product description: This machine is used for packing No-sticky granule such as black tea, Oolong tea ,food chemical and medicine ..etc

1) With function of tea inner bag vacuum packing
2) Vacuum time, sealing time, length and width of vacuum package, length of inner package, sealing position ...etc are can be adjusted
3) The sealing temperature controller is adjusted by PID , ensure each package sealing flatly, increase yield
4) Overall machine movement was controlled by PLC,human-machine interface ,easy to operate.
5) Simple structure ,reasonable layout, intelligence, science and technology, high gold content
6) High stability, simple appearance,packing effect is much higher than artificial packing
7) Automatic defensive function,manual detection,can be equipped multifunction such as date printing.
8) Inner bag is cutted by sealing blades, and made into original round opening inner bag. It does not produce any intermixed taste such as flue gas into the tea, to ensure the quality of tea

Here is the working video of automatic vacuum tea pods packing machine for tea for your reference:

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