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  • Triangle Bag Inner and Outer Bag Split Machine
  • Triangle Bag Inner and Outer Bag Split Machine
Triangle Bag Inner and Outer Bag Split MachineTriangle Bag Inner and Outer Bag Split Machine

Triangle Bag Inner and Outer Bag Split Machine

  • Product description: Suitable for green tea, black tea, scented tea, fruit tea, puer tea, formula tea, eight treasure tea, health tea, Chinese herbal decoction, etc.


Scope of application
Green tea, black tea, scented tea, Pu 'er tea, formula tea, babao tea, etc.

This type has two parts connecting: including inner pyramid tea bag packing machine and outer bag packing machine.Below is the working video:

this is inner bag and outer bag packing in one machine:

Performance characteristics
1. Through ultrasonic sealing and cutting, the triangular three-dimensional tea bag with beautiful bag shape and firm sealing is produced
2. Automatic quantitative measurement can easily change the filling material in the production process
3. Siemens PLC control, touch screen operation, more stable performance, simpler operation, more humanized
SMC pneumatic components, Schneider electrical components, prolong the service life of the machine
5. Mechanical and electrical integration design, data replacement without stop/shutdown
6. Packing capacity: Triangle tea bag 2400-3600 bags/hour Triangle tea bag inside and outside 2100-3000 bags/hour
7. Teabags with strings and labels can be produced with strings and labels
8. Triangle cone bag and quadrangle flat bag production process only one key switch
9. The horizontal machine uses the conveyor bucket to connect the triangle tea charter machine, and packages the triangle tea bags into the outer bag for independent packaging of one bag and one bubble. The split machine is convenient to check the defective triangle tea bags
10. The outer bag adopts heat sealing compound film, the sealing temperature is operated on the touch screen by module communication control, and the pattern can be designed according to customers' own requirements and automatically follow the standard
11. Nitrogen flushing device can be installed to flush nitrogen to ensure product freshness
12. Install empty package detection and elimination device to ensure the qualified rate of products
13. Replace the bag width without replacing the bag maker, saving the time and cost of replacing the bag maker

Techanical data:
Unwinding quantity 2
Particle content ≤2±0.5g/ bag (other specifications can be customized)
Packing material Requirements Inner bag: nylon, non-woven fabric, corn fiber, PET and other ultrasonic sealing materials
Production speed
Outer bag: heat-sealable composite film
Triangle bag 35-50 bags/min (depending on material)
Tea bag size
Inner bag: 58*60 (140mm)
Outer bag: 80*90mm, 90*90mm, 90*100mm
Inner bag: 68*70 (160mm) Outer bag: 100*115mm (customizable)
Inner bag: 80*80 (180mm) Outer bag: 110*120mm
The outer diameter of unwinding is less than or equal to φ 400
The inner diameter of the unwinding paper core is φ 76
Air source pressure ≥ 1.2mpa (by the customized party to ensure gas supply)
1 operator
Internal motor power is about 3.5KW (220V)
Equipment appearance
Triangle pack: L1250*W800*H*1950
Horizontal outer charter: L2100*W1000*H1300
The weight of the device is about 900kg

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