Tea Packing Machine

  • Tea capsule packaging machine
  • Tea capsule packaging machine
  • Tea capsule packaging machine
Tea capsule packaging machineTea capsule packaging machineTea capsule packaging machine

Tea capsule packaging machine

  • Filling Weight Range:0-20g(customized)
  • Filling Accuracy:±0.1-0.2g
  • Speed:60-80Cups/minute
  • Control System:PLC(Omron)
  • Product description: cup packaging machine for tea, more info: whatsapp:0086-15317668435

Scope Of Application

The machine is suitable for various granule, powder and liquid materials. Such as coffee, milk powder, milk powder, tea leaves, tea powder, instant powder, yogurt and other food materials.

Applicable capsule: Compatible Nespresso ,Dolce gusto, Lavazza blue or point,Pod,K-CUP,K-shot,OneCUP

Product Parameter


Filling weight range:Standard is 4g/cup, also can be customized by customers:0-20g(Option)

Filling accuracy:±0.05~ 0.15g

Speed:50-60 Cup/Per minute

Hopper capacity:1.0L(2.5L) 110L

Control system:PLC

Displayer:7 Inch touchscreen

Power supply:AC220V/380V  50Hz/60Hz   2.5KW



Gross weight:760kg

A small cup of tea brewed one by one, and the design of this small cup of tea is very special, each small cup is only 4g in China, which is exactly the amount to drink once. Every time you want to drink when you take out a cup, can brew several times, there is still scented tea. Tea lovers only put half a cup at a time, a cup can be about twice, this according to their own taste can increase or decrease.

Here pls check our video of 3600 capsule per minute Xiao Guan Tea capsule filling sealing machine :

More information of this type tea capsule packing machine,pls contact us:

WhatsApp: 0086-15317668435

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