Tea Packing Machine

  • Tea Pod Packing Machine
  • Tea Pod Packing Machine
Tea Pod Packing MachineTea Pod Packing Machine

Tea Pod Packing Machine

  • Filling Weight Range:2-3g(customized)
  • Filling Accuracy:±0.1-0.2g
  • Speed:20-40pods/minute
  • Control System:PLC(Omron)
  • Product description:

1. This machine is suitable for packing of tea, coffee, foodstuff, medicine etc granule products.
2. Tea Pod or Round shape bag.
3. It could accomplish round shape bag forming, dosing, filling, sealing and cutting, counting.
4. It adopts micro computer controller, driver motor to control bag, stable performance.
5. Packing material: Tea Filter Paper 18-21gram per square meter.
Technical Parameters

Form Size: W: 180mm; L: 90 mm Tea pod Diameter 70mm/Customized
Speed: 20-40 pods/m depends on tea
Filling range: 2-3 gram
Power: 220V ,50HZ, 1.6KW
Compressed air: 0.4-0.7 Mpa >0.1 M3/min
Weight: About 400 kg
Dimension: 760*860*1730MM
Here is the video of tea pod packing machine:

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