Tea Packing Machine

  • Square/Pillow Teabag Packing Machine
Square/Pillow Teabag Packing Machine

Square/Pillow Teabag Packing Machine

  • Packing speed: 20-50 bags/min
  • packing capacity: 1-20g
  • packing capacity: 1-20g
  • Requirement of bag paper:Nylon, non-woven, corn fiber and other ultrasonic sealing materials
  • Product description: Suitable for green tea, black tea, scented tea, fruit tea, puer tea, formula tea, eight treasure tea, health tea, Chinese herbal decoction, etc.

1. This machine is an automatic multi-functional tea bag packaging equipment with a new heat sealing type. The inner and outer bag forming is finished at the same time, avoid direct contact with the packing material and improve working efficiency. Inner bag is made of filter paper, and outer bag is made of Composite paper. The biggest advantage is: packing capacity, inner bag and outer bag size can be easily adjusted according to different requirements in order to achieve the best packaging results, improve product appearance and enhance the value of the product.
2. The temperature of sealing for filter tea bags and outer envelope bags and tags are controlled separately by PID, which is suitable for tightly sealing for different package material and different thickness material.
the sealing type can be customized to heat sealing for filter paper or ultrosonic sealing for non-wovens fabric.
3. The machine can forming filter tea bags, tag and outer envelop from package roll itself, and the size of bags can be adjusted at will, the mark on the outer bags' package roll can be detected by the photoelectric sensor.

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