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  • Nespresso pods filling packing machine
Nespresso pods filling packing machine

Nespresso pods filling packing machine

  • application:coffee powder,tea powder,juice,beverage
  • Product description: Customization for K cup/nespresso pods/dolce gusto/lavazza cup filling machine,More info. pls contact whatsapp:0086-15317668435

Shanghai ATPACK manufacture coffee powder and tea packing machinery for the world market. we provide OEM and customized service.

This type machine is ready to ship to one of our customers in South Africa according this customer's request of more cheap and competitive price with the nitrogen function for nespresso cup with coffee powder, he has a small coffee roaster, and want to a filling machine to produce nespresso coffee pods with his own brand name in his market.

This Machine can be customized for packing fine coffee(coffee powder), coarse coffee(coffee granule), tea powder, coconut powder and so on. here is the packaging of this machine below:

working video of nespresso pods filling machine for your reference:

If you also want to do the same business in your market, pls contact us for more information: whatsapp:0086-15317668435

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