Coffee Capsule Packing Machine

  • Lavazza Blue Packing Machine
  • Lavazza Blue Packing Machine
Lavazza Blue Packing MachineLavazza Blue Packing Machine

Lavazza Blue Packing Machine

  • Suitable Product:coffee, powders,herbal tea,etc.
  • Capacity speed:30-120 cups/minute(option)
  • Filling weight range:0-20g*n (set by customer)
  • Accuracy: ±0.05~0.15g
  • Product description: Extended to be able to do two times roll cut and seal, Suitable to fit for ground coffee, powders, herbal tea.Typical for: Nespresso with bottom filter paper, Lavazza Point with bottom filter and Dol

Main features of lavazza coffee pods

1.Two sealing stations.
2. Small size, simple, easy to learn and start up.
3. Machine framework use SS304, with plexi glass doors and automatic stop when door open (protect operator).
4. High accurate motor driven by servo motor.
5. PLC controller and real-time monitoring.
6.Upgrade type Nitrogen system: flush capsule when outside sealing(Remained Oxygen Level as low as 5%)
7. No cup no filling and no sealing (continues production no pause)
Standard functions and optionals

1. Auto load empty capsule and sensor check.
2. Bottom filter film seal(for Nespresso and Lavazza capsules)
3. Filling material(±0.1g)
4. Hopper material reloaded by vacuum conveyor lifter.
5. Auto clean the cup edge.
6. Inner film seal and cover the coffee
7. Grab foil lid and place ready on cup.
8. Check lid in position and seal (flat seal or ring curve seal)
9.  Finished capsule grab out.
10. Automatic count production quantity.
11. Automatic alarm to remind operator

1. UV lamp sterilize
2. High precise liquid flavoring pump
3. Auger conveyor lifter (replace the vacuum conveyor)
4. Finished capsule checker weigher and reject unqualified
5. Internet port connection, remote control and online upgrade.
Here is the working video of lavazza blue coffee capsule filling machine with 50 capsules per minute speed for your reference:

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