Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine

  • Drip coffee bag powder food packaging machine
  • Drip coffee bag powder food packaging machine
Drip coffee bag powder food packaging machineDrip coffee bag powder food packaging machine

Drip coffee bag powder food packaging machine

  • Particle content:≤ 2 ± 0.5g/bag (other specifications can be customized)
  • Packaging material requirements:inner bag: non-woven fabric, and other ultrasonic heat sealing materials; Outer bag: heat sealing composite film
  • Capacity:35-50envelope/minute(according the materials)
  • Coffee bag size:internal bag: 70 * 90 (180mm) external bag: 100 * 110mm(220mm)
  • Product description: Suitable for coffee, green tea, black tea, scented tea, Chinese tea, health tea, Chinese herbal tea, granules, etc. Can be filled with nitrogen. The nitrogen is filled with nitrogen from the net at th


Coffee green tea, black tea, tea, Chinese tea, healthy tea, Chinese medicine tea, granules and so on.

Performance characteristics

1.Outside the package through the ultrasonic sealing cut off, prominent and the appearance of beautiful coffee bag, outer bag with heat sealing

2.Coffee bag inside and outside the bag machine packaging capacity of 2100-3000 bags /hour.

3 Outside the box to play U-shaped easy to tear, nice, easy to use.

4.Automatic quantitative way can easily adjust the number of grams. Measurement more accurate, large adjustment range.

5.Pneumatic original with Japan SMC, electrical original with Schneider.

6.Using Siemens PLC controller. Touch screen operation, so that more stable performance, operation more simple, more humane.

7.The use of mechanical and electrical integration, the replacement of data without stopping the machine

8.The coffee can be packaged into the outer bag, a bag of a bubble of independent packaging, and can be filled with nitrogen, to ensure that the product quality and freshness

9.Outer bag size: 100 * 110mm

Main technical parameter

The number of unwinding 2

Particle content ≤2±0.5g/bag

Packaging material requirements Pyramid:Nylon, PLA, PET, Non-woven

Envelope:Heat sealed Film

Production speed 35-50bag/min

Inner bag size drip:70*90(180mm)envelope:100*110(220mm)

Roll out diameter ≤Φ400

Wrap the core diameter of the roll Φ76mm

Air pressure ≥0.6Mpa

Operator 1

The motor power of the machine 3.5 Kw(220V)

Equipment shape L1900*W850*H2100(mm)

Equipment weight 1200kg

Samples for your reference:

Pls check the video of how to make coffee drip bag : drip coffee bag packaging machine

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