• Dolcegusto Capsule Filling Sealing Machine
Dolcegusto Capsule Filling Sealing Machine

Dolcegusto Capsule Filling Sealing Machine

  • Filling Weight Range:0-20g(customized)
  • Filling Accuracy:±0.1-0.2g
  • Speed:120 Cups/minute
  • Control System:PLC(Omron)
  • Product description: Dolce Gusto is a new trend for the coffee package. it can fill more coffee than nespresso and can also fill many different materials inside,such as tea leaf,milk powder,Nutritious health products,etc

1.Automatically accomplish all production process,small volume,operate easily.

2.PLC control system and full display and real-time monitoring.

3.Automatically load cup.

4.Automatically vacuum suck and convey materials.

5.Servo control auger filling.

6.Filling liquid system(various flavor)

7.Automatically suck capsule rim remaining powder.

8.UV germicidal lamp(option)

9.Automatically suck and place lid.

10.Filling nitrogen system,nitrogen flush process from empty capsule to heat seal station.

11.Automatically heat seal,line seal and flat seal.

12.Automatically output finished products.

13.Automatically reject unqualified product.

14.Automatically count capsule quantity on conveyor belt;Sensor detect empty cups loading position,no cups and alarm.

15.No cup,no filling,no seal,if empty cup in the mould,automatically start reject function,recycle it.

16.Automatically detect lids quantity,below a certain position,alarm and inform add lids.

17.Machine mainframe adopts food standard stainless glass door design,beautiful appearance,high safety.

18.Automatically count finished products.

19.Failure tips display on the touchscreen.

Scope Of Application

The machine is suitable for various granule, powder and liquid materials. Such as coffee, milk powder, milk powder, tea, tea, instant powder, yogurt and other food materials.

Applicable capsule: Compatible Nespresso ,Dolce gusto, Lavazza blue or point,Pod,K-CUP,K-shot,OneCUP

Product Parameter

Model:4 Lines

Filling weight range:0-20g(Option)

Filling accuracy:±0.15g

Speed:150-200Cups/per minute

Hopper capacity:10-24L

Control system:PLC

Displayer:10 inch Touchscreen

Power supply:AC220V/380V  50Hz/60Hz 5KW



Gross weight:1500kg

Here pls check the working video of dolcegusto capsule packing machine with 1800 pcs per hour, if you need more large capacity ,pls contact us for more information and videos:

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