• Dolce gusto Packing Machine
  • Dolce gusto Packing Machine
Dolce gusto Packing MachineDolce gusto Packing Machine

Dolce gusto Packing Machine

  • Filling Weight Range:0-20g(customized)
  • Filling Accuracy:±0.1-0.2g
  • Speed:30-120Cups/minute(option)
  • Control System:PLC(Omron)
  • Product description: Extended to be able to do two times roll cut and seal, Suitable to fit for ground coffee, powders, herbal tea.Typical for: Nespresso with bottom filter paper, Lavazza Point with bottom filter and Dol

Main features:
1. Specially for Dolce Gusto compatible capsules.
2. Material fits: Soluble powder, herbal tea leaf, fresh ground coffee.
3. For coffee espresso capsule including the inner film sealing.
4. Upgrade Nitrogen system: Nitrogen flush Oxygen Remain within 5%
Here is the speed of 30cups per minute of dolce gusto coffee powder packing machine for your reference:

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