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Packaging of Health Tea

Health tea refers to beverages that are mainly tea and are equipped with a proper amount of Chinese medicine, which has both a tea flavor and a slight medicinal taste, and has health care and therapeutic effects.

There are many types of health tea, which can be roughly classified according to various classification methods:

1. According to the method of decoction, the types of health tea are: decoction tea, brewing tea.

2. According to the traditional method, the types of health tea are: health tea, medicine dew, etc.

3. According to the method of taking, the types of health tea are: drinking tea juice, replacing tea with medicine or sending medicine with tea juice.

4. According to the presence or absence of tea, the types of health tea are: health tea with tea, health tea without tea.

Fifth, according to the composition of the medicinal taste, the types of health tea are: single-flavor prescription and compound prescription.

6. According to the efficacy of health tea, the types of health tea are: curative tea, tonic tea, heat-reducing tea, cough tea, nourishing tea, health tea, slimming tea, and beauty tea.

7. According to the current medical classification method, the types of health tea can be divided into 8 types, which are pastes, pills, powders, decoctions, teas, liquors, medicinal decoctions, and lumps.

The packaging of health tea is determined according to the material characteristics of the health tea itself. According to the current medical classification, the eight types of health tea can determine which type of packaging equipment it is suitable for.

The first is the type of paste. The paste-like materials are more suitable for processing with sauce packaging equipment. The sauce packaging equipment mainly uses three sides of sealing to simultaneously realize the functions of bag making, metering, filling, sealing, slitting, counting and so on.

The second is granular pellets (including honey pills, water pills, paste pills, etc.). Granular materials are suitable for processing with a granule packaging machine. Granular materials are relatively easy to package in the packaging machine. They are determined according to the amount of packaging materials. Which model, large doses are equipped with corresponding measuring cups and models according to specific requirements.

Powder materials again, there are powders, teas, powders refer to drugs broken or ground into fines, mixed into a dry powdery material, tea is a solid preparation of crude drug powder and binder mixed. When in use, place it in a covered tea cup, and use boiling water to brew offspring tea for drinking. There is a type of tea in the tea preparation, which is a dosage form in which tea leaves or medicines are crushed into coarse powder, or part of the extract is mixed with other medicines and packaged in a special filter paper bag for brewing and drinking. Simple and effective. This type of medicinal tea can be packed and processed by teabag packaging machine series packaging equipment. Teabag packaging machine can be divided into inner and outer bag tea packaging machine and triangle bag tea packaging machine. This series of equipment can be used to pack with a line or with a label or Tea products with inner and outer bags or triangular three-dimensional bags are finally block-shaped materials. Blocks are also called lozenges and cakes. They are made by crushing the medicine into fine powders, and mixed with appropriate powdering powder, honey and excipients alone or after mixing. A solid preparation with different shapes. This type of material can be packed with a pillow-type packaging machine similar to packaging cookies and bread.

The above is a general introduction to the types of conventional health tea classification and packaging equipment suitable for this type of health tea.

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