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What is Specialty Coffee?

Everywhere can find the coffee shop named of specialty coffee all over the world. So what is the origin of specialty coffee, how to be called specialty coffee, how to identify it? here you can get the answers.

1. what is the meaning of specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee is also known as speciality coffee or house coffee. It is coffee made from green beans that have excellent flavor characteristics and are grown in a few very ideal geographical conditions. Depending on the particular soil and climate in which they grow, they have outstanding flavor. This type of coffee is then carefully selected and graded, with a hard texture, rich taste and excellent flavor.

2. The origin of specialty coffee

Specialty coffee is earliest Knudsen lady again by the United States in the journal of coffee and tea,

when Ms Knudsen as b.c Ireland coffee buyer company in San Francisco, she for industry ignore the quality of green coffee beans, and even some big roasters in comprehensive beans mixed with a large number of Robert stark bean and dissatisfied with the status quo, and puts forward the concept of specialty coffee to advocate industry quality improvement. The term is used to describe coffee beans that have distinctive flavor characteristics and are grown in a particular environment. Its use at international coffee conferences spread the word.has become the fastest growing coffee market. Coffee producers and importers all over the world are aware of the great potential of the specialty coffee market and are making continuous efforts to produce and produce specialty coffee.

3 About American specialty coffee association standard
1. Are there any Fragrance? A dry aroma is the aroma of roasted or ground coffee.
2. Whether it has abundant wet Aroma. A wet aroma is the aroma of a coffee extract.
3. Whether have abundant Acidity (Acidity). It refers to the sour taste of coffee. The combination of rich sour taste and sugar can increase the sweet taste of coffee liquid.
4. Whether it has a rich mellow degree (Body). It refers to the concentration and weight of the coffee liquid.
5. Aftertaste richness. It refers to the aftertaste of coffee, based on how it tastes after being drunk or spit out.
6. Whether it has rich Flavor. The palate feels the aroma and taste of the coffee liquid to understand the taste of the coffee.

7. Taste balance. It is the degree of balance and combination between the different flavors of coffee.

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