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Welcome to ATPACK, here you will find filling machines guide for different industry from A to Z, for small business to big plant: First please remember our contact information for compare price to others: Whatsapp:0086-15317668435,

We will according the bottles, the speed with different contents from customers to customiz filling machine.

1. semi-auto filling machine for small business: (if you are the big plant, pls see below NO. 2)

1) It is widely used for quantitative filling of ointments and liquids for daily use in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries, as well as for quantitative filling of sealed tubes.

Below is 30-500ml gel filling machine video for your reference. (Price:USD300-USD1000)

2) capping machine part : (Price:USD1000-USD1500)

More videos and info. of semi-auto filling machine and capping machine for essential oil, unguent, Essens Care, Sanzer Hand Gel Sanzer Hand Gel,disinfectant, pls contact us freely

2. auto filling production line ( including filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, and other optional equipments to choose according customers' request)

Working video of auto filling capping machine with round bottle labeling machine for your reference.

Price list for your reference:

Semi-auto filling machine: USD200/SET to USD1500/SET (According content and bottle size);

Semi-auto capping machine: USD1500/SET;

Auto filling machine: USD5000/SET to USD14000/SET (According contect and bottle type and size, and the speed of machine);

Auto Capping machine :USD3500/SET, or auto screw capping machine:USD5000/SET;

Auto round bottle labeling machine:USD3000/SET,

Auto double side labeling machine:USD6200/SET,

Auto flat labeling machine:USD5500/SET,

2ml-10ml Reagent filling machine:USD8000/SET;

Oral liquid filling machine:USD3000/SET;

Vial filling production line:USD8000/SET;

Any type bottles, pls tell us, we will give you the best solution with best price.

Pls contact here:, wechat and whatsapp: 0086-15317668435


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